At Leach & Russell, safety is the first, last, and most important. Period.

A safe working environment is vital for our employees, our company and our customers. We strive every day to continue our exemplary record for safe and healthy worksites. At the start of every year, we set a goal of zero injuries and zero lost workdays. Then we plan, train and execute to achieve that goal.

We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and clients. Our safety coordinators promote the proactive awareness of safety on every jobsite by:

  • Providing all employees with appropriate safety and health training
  • Providing all required personal protective gear and enforcing the proper use of it
  • Recording and reporting all jobsite illnesses/injuries and administering follow-ups
  • Proactively communicating with our employees to better understand their concerns



As a result of our untiring efforts to create safe worksites, Leach & Russell has been presented with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s prestigious award for “Outstanding Safety Performance.”

We are a proud Certified member of the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS), which provides stringent guidelines for the construction industry.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for this year is .75, indicating that Leach & Russell has one of the best safety records in Indiana.